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We build future-proof supply chains

We empower industrial mid-caps, facilitate effective collaboration with suppliers, and optimize resources in the supply chain. For these efforts, we were honored with the Procurement Excellence Award from the BME (German Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement, and Logistics).

We support the industrial backbone of Europe
Johannes Groll
Johannes Groll
Chief Product Officer
of costs in the manufacturing industry origin in procurement
(VDMA, 2011)
>4.7 Bn €
procurement volume in manufacturing in Europe and the US
(Nationale Statistiken, 2020)
of the procurement processes in medium-sized industrial businesses are not digitalized
(Bain & Company, 2020)

Procurement - the engine of industrial companies

Between 50-80% of the total value creation of an industrial company - from costs to sustainability - can be attributed to the supply chain. Procurement plays a crucial role as the key to all decisions in the supply chain, which is why it holds a vital function as a link between the various stakeholders in the supply chain. The significance of procurement for the production of physical products makes it the hidden champion of hidden champions.

The increasing complexity of parts, suppliers, and supply chains, as well as the lack of internal and external data transparency, require intelligent solutions to differentiate oneself from the competition in a future-proof and sustainable way - and that's our opportunity. We create sustainable supply chains by digitizing procurement, enabling effective collaboration with suppliers, and optimizing resource utilization across the supply chain. This gives customers the opportunity to focus on what matters most.



André Petry is the CEO of the tech startup Tacto, founded the company from TU Munich with the goal of freeing up capacity for strategic work in procurement, unlocking savings potential, and managing increasing complexity. With a background in business administration and computer science, he has previously assisted industrial companies with the digitalization of their business processes and the utilization of AI in procurement during his tenure at BCG and appliedAI.

André Petry

André Petry

Chief Executive Officer

Johannes Groll is the CPO of Tacto and is responsible for product development. With his research background in AI at TU Munich, he recently assisted Palantir in data-driven optimization of critical business processes for industrial companies. He now brings this experience to collaborate with mid-sized industrial companies, further developing the software to align closely with customer needs and daily operations.

Johannes Groll

Chief Product Officer

Nico Bentenrieder is the CTO of Tacto and is responsible for software development. With his background in Business & Engineering, he was part of the autonomous driving team and contributed to web development at BMW. Nico now combines his expertise in software development and engineering to create a comprehensible and mature solution for the strategic procurement of industrial companies.

Nico Bentenrieder

Nico Bentenrieder

Chief Technology Officer

By makers, for makers

By doers, for doers

We believe in the technology landscape in Europe at the intersection of industry and the digital economy. To achieve this, we aim to bridge the gap between the backbone of the European economy, industrial mid-caps, and the digital industry, in order to unlock additional value creation and innovation potential.

At Tacto, we prioritize the needs of our customers, approach challenges with curiosity, and have technology in our DNA. With our background at TU Munich, supported by leading technology and industry experts, we aim to work together with our customers to establish procurement in medium-sized industrials sustainably, digitally, and efficiently using digital technologies.

From mid-cap industrials for mid-cap industrials

True to our motto 'from medium-sized businesses for medium-sized businesses,' we have been working closely with our customers from day one. In a co-innovation and collaborative effort with leading mid-cap industrials such as Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen, Knoll Maschinenbau, and ritterwerk, we have developed procurement software tailored perfectly to the needs of mid-cap industrials.

From the very beginning, our collaboration with medium-sized industrials has been characterized by partnership, trust, and progressiveness. This has allowed us to develop user-friendly software that stays closely aligned with daily operations, engages employees immediately, and creates tangible value - all without the need for IT resources.

Furthermore, as a partner of BME (German Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement, and Logistics) and VDMA (German Engineering Federation), it has been a matter of the heart for us to promote the exchange of ideas on procurement-related topics and collaboratively build future-proof supply chains

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We didn't need a tool that we have to invest 100 hours in, we needed 'plug & play' - and that is 100% given with Tacto.

Dr. Stephanie Burghart, Chief Procurement Officer

What particularly impressed us was the quick and smooth implementation, along with the enthusiastic adoption by our employees from day one. Employees proactively request access to the software and are extremely satisfied with its usability.

Robin A. Lippmann , Head of Procurement and Materials Management - MOBIL ELEKTRONIK

Tacto is the optimal partner for us because Tacto is perfectly tailored to the customer needs of medium-sized businesses. For example, with Tacto we can eliminate manual, non-value-added activities and get an overview of categories, articles and suppliers at the push of a button.

Tobias Demmer, Group Procurement Director - HERMA

"We onboard 4-5 new suppliers per month. With Tacto, we save ourselves 30-60 min of time per supplier."

Zvjezdan Garic, Head of Supply Chain - Belimed Life Sciences

"We just sent Tacto a file and an unedited SAP export. Within 2 weeks we had a solution that fit for us."

Sebastian Vey, Deputy Procurement Manager - HUBTEX

With Tacto, we are significantly advancing the digitalization of our procurement process. Thanks to the user-friendly software accessible to all employees, we are transitioning away from Excel-based processes toward a fully digitalized procurement system. Just a few months after implementation, we have already observed substantial cost-saving potentials.

Matthias Schlotter, Head of Procurement - Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen

With Tacto, we have found a partner for the digitalization of our procurement process. We highly appreciate the collaborative approach, fostering exchange, and smooth implementation.

Mario Koch, Head of Procurement - KNOLL Maschinenbau

Building future-proof supply chains together

Our vision is to create future-proof supply chains for industrial SMEs. We are convinced that we can successfully navigate this path with valuable partners. For this reason, we work closely with the BME, VDMA and SAP, for example. As a premium partner of the BME, we are represented at various events and trade fairs, for example.

Furthermore, it is a matter of great importance to us to strengthen the community of industrial mid-sized companies and promote knowledge exchange across corporate boundaries. For this reason, we regularly organize webinars, discussion forums, and regional meetings with experts in the field of procurement to facilitate discussions on current developments in procurement markets.

For us, the collaborative partnership between start-ups and medium-sized businesses represents the success model for the economic landscape in Europe.

Supported by leading digital entrepreneurs


During his Master of Science studies at the ETH in January 2009, Johannes Reck founded the startup GetYourGuide with the vision of helping travelers discover and book incredible travel experiences. Since then, GetYourGuide has evolved into one of the most successful companies in the history of the online travel industry.

Johannes Reck
Johannes Reck

Johannes Reck

Co-Founder GetyourGuide

Torsten Reil is a co-founder at Helsing, a board member at Animal Dynamics and ONI, as well as the founder of NaturalMotion. Prior to founding NaturalMotion, Torsten Reil conducted research at the zoological department of the University of Oxford for a PhD in complex systems, which led to the establishment of NaturalMotion. Torsten Reil has been recognized as one of the world's leading innovators by MIT's TR100, Next-Gen's 25 People in the Game Industry, and Develop Magazine's 25 Game Changers.

Torsten Reil
Torsten Reil

Torsten Reil

Co-Founder Helsing

Hanno Renner is a co-founder and CEO of the startup Personio. After completing his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, he pursued a Master of Science in Technology Management in Munich, Auckland, and New York. Since 2015, he and his team at Personio have been digitizing HR departments in small and medium-sized businesses through the development of the HR operating system.

Hanno Renner
Hanno Renner

Hanno Renner

Co-Founder Personio

Michael Wax is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record of building B2B software companies that have raised over $100 million and employed more than 300 employees. He is a co-founder and CEO of Forto, Europe's first digital freight forwarder that is building a digital backbone for the global trade market. Prior to founding Forto, Michael co-founded the AI company KONUX.

Michael Wax
Michael Wax

Michael Wax

Co-Founder Forto

Thomas Dieringer, a leading expert in procurement software, founded the company POOL4TOOL in 2001 after successfully growing a plastics injection molding company in Hungary into a leading automotive supplier. Following a merger with SciQuest and a rebranding to JAGGAER, he served as CEO and EMEA President before departing in the summer of 2021. Since 2022, he has been supporting the software company Tacto as an investor and advisor, leveraging his extensive industry experience.

Thomas Dieringer
Thomas Dieringer

Thomas Dieringer

Founder POOL4TOOL & President JAGGAER


UVC Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Munich and Berlin, specializing in investments in European B2B startups in the fields of enterprise software, industrial technologies, and mobility. The fund typically invests between €0.5 million and €30 million per company. Portfolio companies benefit from the extensive investment and exit experience of the management team, as well as close collaboration with UnternehmerTUM, Europe's leading center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

uvc partners

Visionaries Club is a Berlin-based venture capital fund. Its goal is to bring together leading European digital entrepreneurs and family entrepreneurs to foster innovations of tomorrow. By bridging information asymmetries between the old and the new and by leveraging the knowledge and access of their investors, they support entrepreneurs in the seed and early growth phases.

Visionaries Club
visionaries club

Cherry Ventures is an early-stage investor founded and led by a team with experience in building and scaling fast-growing companies like Zalando and Spotify. The fund typically invests as the first institutional investor in top founders across Europe and supports them from go-to-market strategy to scaling their businesses. Cherry Ventures has invested in over 75 companies in the UK and Europe during the seed phase, including Flink, FlixBus, AUTO1 Group, Flaschenpost, Infarm, SellerX, and Forto.

Cherry Ventures

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