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Simple ways to achieve material price transparency in procurement - how HERMA counters price volatility

I would like to identify and minimize risks at an early stage.

Data-driven risk analyses help prevent negative consequences for procurement proactively and ensure material supply

Nice Numbers
Nice Numbers
The procurement operating system for medium-sized industrial companies

Challenge: Supply chain risks are complex to identify and difficult to mitigate.

Digitize your procurement processes with one single tool

Transparency in the supplier base is lacking

Data from suppliers is stored in an unstructured way (e.g. self-disclosures) and external sources of information are hardly used (e.g. financial information)

Data science straight from research

Evaluations are difficult to perform

Risk analyses are usually conducted in Excel, making them time-consuming and with limited significance

From the industry for the industry

Measures are not tracked

Derived measures are not adequately documented, and the follow-up is insufficient, resulting in the persistence of risks

Managing risks successfully.

With Tacto, risk analyses can be automated and mitigated through structured measures.

360° analysis of suppliers and articles based on all data sources

Suppliers, articles and categories are systematically analyzed and potential risks are presented transparently

Digital supplier evaluation with hard and soft facts

All hard facts (e.g. country risk) and soft facts (e.g. reliability) are combined in a supplier evaluation to form a risk profile

Structured collection and documentation of measures

Digital derivation of internal and external preventive and corrective actions, as well as transparent implementation control within the tool

Intelligent alerts in the event of potential risks

AI-based alerts help identify risks in the supply chain and enable early response

As a company in the chemical industry, SONAX places particularly high demands on its suppliers, which must be met for compliance reasons. With the help of Tacto, we are able to mitigate risks and create transparency.

Dr. Stephanie Burghart (Chief Procurement Officer, SONAX)

Profile picture of Dr. Stephanie Burghart

We didn't need a tool that we have to invest 100 hours in, we needed 'plug & play' - and that is 100% given with Tacto.

Dr. Stephanie Burghart, Chief Procurement Officer

What particularly impressed us was the quick and smooth implementation, along with the enthusiastic adoption by our employees from day one. Employees proactively request access to the software and are extremely satisfied with its usability.

Robin A. Lippmann , Head of Procurement and Materials Management - MOBIL ELEKTRONIK

Tacto is the optimal partner for us because Tacto is perfectly tailored to the customer needs of medium-sized businesses. For example, with Tacto we can eliminate manual, non-value-added activities and get an overview of categories, articles and suppliers at the push of a button.

Tobias Demmer, Group Procurement Director - HERMA

"We onboard 4-5 new suppliers per month. With Tacto, we save ourselves 30-60 min of time per supplier."

Zvjezdan Garic, Head of Supply Chain - Belimed Life Sciences

"We just sent Tacto a file and an unedited SAP export. Within 2 weeks we had a solution that fit for us."

Sebastian Vey, Deputy Procurement Manager - HUBTEX

With Tacto, we are significantly advancing the digitalization of our procurement process. Thanks to the user-friendly software accessible to all employees, we are transitioning away from Excel-based processes toward a fully digitalized procurement system. Just a few months after implementation, we have already observed substantial cost-saving potentials.

Matthias Schlotter, Head of Procurement - Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen

With Tacto, we have found a partner for the digitalization of our procurement process. We highly appreciate the collaborative approach, fostering exchange, and smooth implementation.

Mario Koch, Head of Procurement - KNOLL Maschinenbau
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