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BME Procurement Excellence Award 2022 (SME): Tacto and Mobil Elektronik win with joint procurement digitization project

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Together with our customer Mobil Elektronik (ME), we won the first BME Procurement Excellence Award (SME) with the "Project: Future-proof procurement through data-driven decisions and automation of manual tasks". With this award, the BME honors the excellence of a medium-sized showcase company in the field of procurement (...).

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Significant cost savings

Up to 50% time savings in operational procurement activities

Improving supplier management and relationships

The project was about finding and implementing a digital solution for procurement helping ME to digitize manual and Excel-based data evaluations and tedious, MS Office-based organizational processes with suppliers. In the process, ME came across the Tacto software solution and was able to achieve various successes in procurement. Overall, thanks to Tacto, the transformation at ME was so successful that the efficiency & resilience of procurement at ME was significantly improved. Furthermore, with the involvement of the employees, far-reaching changes were initiated to implement new strategies and processes.

With the help of the supplier management module, ME was able to move away from time-consuming, Excel-based processes and data evaluations regarding articles, suppliers and categories to data transparency at one click. The lack of transparency in the price portfolio was also eliminated with the help of this module. ME now has more time for strategic tasks and can prepare efficiently for supplier meetings.

In addition, ME was able to digitize the supplier management. Robin's team previously was sunk in time-consuming e-mailing and confusing Excel files. Thanks to the Rfx module, ME can now flexibly create, send and manage various supplier requests. In addition, it allows manual tasks to be automated. For example, in this case, the cost savings resulting from this module are significant and amount to 16 working days per year solely through streamlining REACH requests.

Want to learn more? HERE is the link to the detailed webinar with ME

The BME is also convinced of the degree of innovation of this transformation and justifies the award as follows: "ME Mobil Elektronik receives the Procurement Excellence Award 2022 for its innovative concept for optimizing procurement processes. ME has implemented Tacto to digitize procurement processes. Tacto is a software that adapts to the needs of ME´s buyers and does not dictate which processes can and cannot be mapped."

The BME particularly emphasized the simple & fast implementation without large (IT) resource expenditures, the adaptation to the needs of a medium-sized procurement department and the degree of innovation of the project for the optimization of procurement processes.

We are very pleased that ME is now officially a role model & digitalization pioneer in the sector of mid-cap industrials. To maintain this status, ME plans to expand its collaboration with Tacto. We also congratulate the winners in the categories:

Procurement Excellence Award (large companies): Dräxlmaier Group

Sustainable Supply Award: BOSCH

CPO of the Year: Anna Spinelli

If you want to know more about the topic, you can watch our webinar here. In the webinar André Petry (CEO & Co-Founder of Tacto) and Robin Lippmann (Head of Porcurement Mobil Elektronik) discuss about the BME Excellence Award project at ME.


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