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The 4-step guide for your suppliers of CBAM goods

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All companies in the EU that import iron, steel, cement, aluminium, electricity, fertilizers, hydrogen, certain primary products and some upstream and downstream products (especially iron and steel) - in pure or processed form - from non-EU countries are subject to CBAM regulations. In order to comply with CBAM requirements and reporting obligations, companies must contact their non-EU suppliers and obtain the necessary information for their CBAM report.

Given the likelihood that suppliers outside the EU may not yet be familiar with CBAM regulations, it is advisable for affected companies to provide information and undertake training-type activities at an early stage.

In the white paper "CBAM: The 4-step guide for your suppliers of CBAM goods", we present a 4-step guide that you can forward directly to your CBAM-relevant suppliers. This serves as an initial training document to ensure that all parties involved are familiar with the CBAM requirements. The guide is written in English as it will be sent to suppliers outside the EU.

Download the 4-step guide now

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