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A template for supplier evaluation

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Efficient supplier evaluation is crucial to assess the performance and reliability of suppliers and ensure that they meet a company's requirements and expectations. Through systematic evaluation, companies can monitor the quality of the products or services supplied and ensure that they meet the set standards. This is particularly important to maintain customer satisfaction and protect the company's image.

To support companies in this important task, Tacto provides a practical template for supplier evaluation in the form of an Excel file. This template enables companies to carry out the evaluation systematically and take all relevant aspects into account. The template is designed in such a way that it can be easily adapted to a company's specific requirements and priorities.

In our supplier analysis, we look at four main categories that comprehensively assess the performance and quality of a supplier: quality, logistics, purchasing and sustainability, and technology. Each of these categories covers different aspects that are important for evaluating supplier performance.

The "Quality" category assesses the quality of the products supplied. In the template, for example, a rate of complaints is calculated in order to assess the quality of the products and compare suppliers with each other.

The "Logistics" category deals with the efficiency and accuracy of deliveries and logistics processes. In the template, the focus here is on delivery reliability, as punctual deliveries are a decisive factor for the smooth running of business processes.

The supplier's purchasing processes and practices are evaluated in the "Purchasing and sustainability" section. An important criterion here is price development, as this provides information on how efficiently the supplier procures its raw materials and whether it is able to offer competitive prices.

The "Technology" category evaluates the supplier's technological competence and innovative ability. In the template, this assessment is based on the existence of certificates or other technological qualifications.

By incorporating supplier evaluation scores from various aspects into the overall evaluation, a comprehensive picture of supplier performance and reliability is obtained. This makes it possible to make well-founded decisions, improve supplier relationships and continuously increase the efficiency and quality of procurement processes.

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