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Webinar recording: Revolution of the purchasing department with DOYMA: Transformation of purchasing in SMEs - Part 1

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We are seeing increasing regulatory requirements, more complex supply chains and staff shortages in medium-sized purchasing departments. These problems mean that there is no time left for the strategic development of purchasing. However, a transformation and strategic repositioning can unleash untapped potential and establish the purchasing organization as a key value driver for the company.

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In our live webinar "Revolution of the purchasing department with DOYMA: Transformation of purchasing in SMEs - Part 1" with Pascal Linde, Head of Purchasing & Scheduling, and Karoline Rückerl, product expert at Tacto, we will show you how you can revolutionize your purchasing department and thus strategically reposition it within your company.

DOYMA's purchasing department is undergoing a comprehensive transformation to establish purchasing as a strategic value driver for the company. In collaboration with Tacto, DOYMA's purchasing department has been developed from a purely operational function into a strategic department of potential.

Purchasing plays a central role at DOYMA, as up to 70% of total costs are incurred through the purchase of goods and services. Efficient procurement processes increase competitiveness, ensure product quality and sustainability and promote innovation.

Purchasing is responsible for ensuring the company's liquidity, profitability and risk management. Proactive measures allow market changes to be anticipated and price increases to be averted. In addition, maintaining supplier relationships and evaluating new markets and technologies contributes to long-term stability.

DOYMA before the transformation

Before the transformation, procurement at DOYMA was highly operational and often reactive. The focus was mainly on day-to-day business, which meant that strategic initiatives were neglected. The corporate strategy was heavily dominated by sales, while procurement only pursued derived goals. A lack of transparency and inefficient processes hindered effective inquiries and supplier management. There was no RFQ tool and communication was mainly via email, resulting in isolated information and non-transparent communication.

Organizational development and transformation

The transformation of purchasing at DOYMA includes the development from operational purchasing to value management. This process includes:

  • Procurement: Reduction of cost prices and efficient organization of operational procurement.
  • Materials management: Reduction of running costs through bundling and relocation as well as active management of the supplier base.
  • Strategic purchasing: understanding and mitigating risks as well as promoting supplier development on the basis of overarching product group strategies.
  • Value management: Prevention of cost escalation through intelligent market insights and software-supported information functions.

The transformation began with the definition of scheduling and strategic purchasing methods to increase efficiency. Transparent inquiry management was introduced to improve traceability and efficiency. Active inquiries and a better negotiating position with suppliers further increased efficiency.

DOYMA after the transformation

Following the transformation, purchasing at DOYMA has taken on a central role in the company and has become a central pillar that is part of the company's top objectives. The purchasing department has gained presence and importance and is now proactively involved in defining the company's goals. New ESG, compliance and legal requirements can now be met without the need for increased personnel capacity. The successes and potential analyses carried out with Tacto convinced the management and led to strong internal support and recognition of the cost-saving effects.

Overarching goals and specific cost-saving targets

The collaboration with Tacto and the further development of strategic purchasing have enabled specific targets to be defined and costs to be saved. These include

  • Increase in inquiry intensity
  • Reduction in purchasing volume by 2.5
  • Development of alternative suppliers
  • Centralization of purchasing for the entire holding company
  • Reduction of stock levels by 12
  • Digital and centralized management of supplier documentation

DOYMA and Tacto invite you to another series of webinars in which specific use cases and the practical implementation of the strategies described will be presented.

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