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Webinar recording: Implementation of the Supply Chain Act in practice: From the perspective of the Gretsch Unitas Human Rights Officer

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Since January 2024, a further 2,000 companies have been directly subject to the scope of the LkSG. As a result, the number of companies affected by supplier relationships has also risen sharply. In particular, organizational restructuring and the analysis of key risks along the supply chain are proving to be a major challenge for SMEs.

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In our webinar "Implementation of the Supply Chain Act in practice: From the perspective of the Human Rights Officer at Gretsch Unitas" with Sarah Arnold, Legal, Compliance & Sustainability and Human Rights Officer at Gretsch Unitas, and Karoline Rückerl, Product Expert at Tacto, you will gain insights into the pragmatic implementation of the Supply Chain Act at Gretsch Unitas as well as the effective risk identification, initiation and management of measures by the Human Rights Officer with the support of Tacto.

The following topics are in focus:

✅ Initial situation and LkSG requirements at Gretsch Unitas

✅ Practical insights into the election and performance of the role of the Human Rights Officer

✅ Implementation of the LkSG from the perspective of the human rights officer with Tacto: risk communication, action management, complaints channel

✅ Presentation of the Tacto software for compliance with the Supply Chain Act

Background: Gretsch Unitas is one of the leading suppliers of window and door technology as well as automatic entrance and building management systems. The speaker Sarah Arnold is happy to share her experience with the Supply Chain Act as well as her position as Human Rights Officer and her more than ten years of experience in the field of compliance.

In a Q&A session, Sarah Arnold and Karoline Rückerl will answer questions and provide tips and recommendations for the successful implementation of the LkSG.

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